Welcome to Magical Journey Downline Builder 2
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All members of Magical Journey Downline Builder 2 are encouraged to promote their Top 10 Favorite Sites. The Splashpage is branded with the member's picture and gravatar link, making this splashpage social. Members can list 10 Favorite Sites with a brief description displayed under each banner. This is a "must have" tool in your promotions arsenal.


Magical Journey Downline Builder 2 is a Downline Builder and Contest Promotion site, not a Traffic Exchange.

At least once a week the Prize Page Hunt, a Unicorn's Journey or a Birthday Party takes place at designated traffic exchanges. The prize pages are mixed into rotation and all you have to do is claim them!!!

Sign up as a member here, surf the designated site on the specified date, find the prize page and claim it to be placed in the random draw...and it's FREE to join!!!